Seeking Summoners

The “Summoning” school revolves around summoning a personal Incarnate and infusing that Incarnate with elements and powers. Summoners also use strategically placed and totems to turn the tide of battle.

The Summoner’s Incarnate resembles a small, hairy devil, and can be a flexible and efficient partner in combat. They seem to absorb the elemental powers of the surface they are summoned on. Some tales tell of Summoners who call upon Familiars or Inner Demons instead of Incarnates.

Like Incarnates, totems also utilize powers that reflect the surface on which they are summoned, and cast automatic attacks and other nasty effects.

The elemental powers of the totems and Incarnates, as well as the added strategy of dealing with multiple and potentially unpredictable foes cause Summoners to be fearful opponents indeed.

It is also said that at full power, Summoners can create portals, form storms and utterly dominate the minds of their enemies. So be sure the nearest Summoner is on your side before your next adventure.



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