Partying with Polymorphs

The “Polymorph” school consolidates diverse practices focused on reshaping the body of the caster or his or her enemies in strategic, creative combat. Polymorphs draw inspiration from nature, mimicking powerful beasts, growing new and useful body parts, changing their appearance to confuse and overwhelm their opponents, etc.

Although it is impossible to know the true range of abilities within this creative skill, there have been confirmed sightings of polymorphs growing horns to impale enemies, turning foes into harmless chickens, and even morphing their hand into a terrifying tentacle to slap enemies at range and disarm them. Unconfirmed reported sightings include tales of turtle shell defense, polymorphs disappearing completely and of individuals growing wings and flying from battle.

Should you encounter a polymorph, your best bet is to fight creativity with creativity. Or to run.    



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