“The ‘designers’ are planning something.”

You jump, startled as a dark form seems to manifest near your elbow. You look around quickly, but no one else is in the rundown tavern but the barkeep, whose soft snores are coming from behind the bar. The only other sound is the relentless rain battering the roof.

You turn and look upon The Spy, as you’ve taken to calling him. His face looks even more haggard than the last time, cheeks sunken and tight. You feel a trill of fear snake through your body, but you need to know more. You must know more.


You ignore the voice in your head. It has gotten quieter lately anyway.

Once he sees he has your attention, he pulls out his orb, shielding one side of it with his cloak.

“Look upon these abject horrors.”

The turquoise orb swirls, seeming to grow before your eyes, swallowing you whole. You see men and women screaming as they change into chickens. You see an elf with a tentacle for an arm, smashing into the lizard before her. You see a man smile as a small, hairy, terrifying little creature appears before him, only to turn and attack approaching foes.

Suddenly, you are jerked back into the here and now. You lean back and close your eyes, struggling to hold back your nausea.

“You’re mad,” you manage to choke out.

Hearing no response you open your eyes.

The Spy is already gone.

He’s mad? Or you are?



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