“Whips?” you ask, with a scoff.

“Whips!” He repeats in a whisper, with that giddy tone from yesterday.

Your mysterious “spy” was back, finally willing to tell you something of value.

The voice inside no longer spoke to you. Silent still from the encounter yesterday. Something tells you it remains within you, plotting underneath your subconscious. A part of you misses it, but not completely. Sleep finally returned last night; rushing into the void that the voice left in your mind.

He smiles at you. It looks genuine, but you feel a mild dread creep over your shoulders and down your spine as he looks at you.

“Whips! Fire whips!” He reveals the glimmering orb once more. Your eyes immediately focus on it. “Look at the image here, and see I speak the truth!”

Unknowingly, you step forward. The orb was pulling you in, your vision was blurring. All you could see was the swirling blues and greens of its inner mass. The spy’s voice falls away as an image starts to form. An image of fire and destruction…


As quickly as the image forms, it fades away. The orb returns to its normal blue haze. He puts it back under his cloak, and you find your senses returning. You look up at the spy, an inky black mass in a swathe of colour. Your eyes take a few moments to adjust back to the light before you recognise him once more.

“But how? Why?”

“How and why are good questions. But first you needed to know they can.” He insists, “These people will stop at nothing to mold and shape Rivellon in the way they see fit. These fire whips are the latest in a broad range of inventions they are mad enough to create. They haven’t done it yet, but they might soon!”

Silence falls between you as you contemplate all he is saying.

“They call themselves the ‘designers’.” He scoffs, “As if they can just decide what Rivellon is.”

You remain silent as the image flashes back on your mind. No one has seen fire whips like these in Rivellon. Such magic is impossible. Is it possible that these ‘designers’ could just mold space and time to fabricate such a wild weapon?

Your eyes have been opened. It’s too late to save you now....



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