Kicking your boots together, you curse the cold weather. Your feet are cold and you’ve lost all feeling in your toes. The rain was coming down hard now, torrential. Only morning, the noon-day sun is fast approaching, yet the thick clouds give you the impression of dusk. 

Perhaps he won’t come?

You allow the hint of doubt to creep into your mind. His note yesterday was ominous. His demeanour creepy at best, dangerous at worst. 

Perhaps I should just -

You turn to go, and there he is. Standing still in the rain, dark eyes locked on you under his hood. Finally speaking, his tone is questioning; “You mean to leave?”

Speak you fool!

A sudden fear grips your throat as you open your mouth to speak. Silence.
He considers you for a moment. Hesitation? You’re unsure. 

“If you want to leave, leave. But the information I have is worth staying for. It's the information you seek, I assure you.”

Leave you fool. Do not allow this man to lead you astray.

Your mind is pleading, urging you to leave. Yet you remain. You can hear the blood in your ears, feel your heart in your chest. Something deeper within you wants you to stay. Needs you to stay. 


He glances casually to his left and right before stepping close to you. You can see him clearly now. A light brown stubble covers his chin, eyes deep and sallow. His brown eyes look black in this light, reflecting only a hint of the lamplight beside you. He was young, but his skin showed an aged weariness of someone who doesn’t sleep well. His breath is warm and smells of drudanae.

They don’t want us to know. They think they're clever, that they’ve covered their tracks.” Another glance to his left; “But I know the truth. I know what’s really going on in Rivellon. How they influence our world. Change the fabric of our very existence.”

You close your mouth finally, dry lips rub together as you swallow hard. That internal voice is calling now, yelling at you. This is something you should run from, not embrace.
RUN. It pleads.

He steps back, disappointment in his eyes. 

“You don’t believe me… You think me mad.” He declares. Without asking, he pulls away his cloak, revealing a glimmering orb underneath. His eyes light up when he see’s it, his voice shifts tone. Almost giddy.

“I have my sources… And I have this....”

You reach for it, instinctively. You feel your fingers in the rain as they outstretch towards it. The internal voice is screaming now. Nooooooo. Screeching.

You step forward.

He covers the orb again. Your eyes, finally free from the glimmering light look up once more. 

“Not so close! Not so close!” He growls; “It is a unique artifact of incredible power. You will see… It shows you things. Things that are going to happen, or might not happen. It will reveal everything to me... To us. We must tell the world. Rivellon must know of their plans!”

“I cannot stay longer. Meet me again tomorrow. Come alone, as before. You will see proof that my words are true!” Without another word, he turns and leaves.

The voice is quiet now. All you can hear is the rain on the rooftops and the soft thud of the water hitting the mud below.

The voice is quiet now.

You will come back tomorrow. 

The voice is quiet now.

You must. Come back.



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