Extended Player Freedom

Every choice is yours. You can kill anyone, talk and trade with everyone (including animals, if you have the Pet Pal skill), steal and sneak your way through quests… but there’s a huge number of new mechanics in place to ensure that every situation can be solved in as many ways as we could dream up. For example, the Spirit Vision ability allows you to talk to ghosts of dead NPCs to extract information. If you’re an Elf, you can eat limbs to learn about their owners and even learn new skills. Your race, gender, origin story, and other personality tags unlock plenty of new ways to solve problems in the game.

Break The Game - We Want You To!

Because we build our games in a very systemic way, there are still a vast number of exploits we want people to use to have fun. Don’t be limited by RPG rules; create your own. Can’t find the key to the door? Smash it with a fireball! Want to get a fancy chest lying in the cave you don’t know how to access? Teleport it! We give you the tools and the freedom you need to solve any quest the way you want.



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