New Playable Races

For the first time in a Divinity game, players will be able to choose between 5 races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Lizard and Undead.

Each race has a unique skill, and unique racial talents. (For example, Elves can access the memories of others by eating their flesh.)

Origin Stories

Divinity: Original Sin 2 introduces origin stories, different background stories that players will be able to choose for their characters.

Origin stories will expand and evolve throughout the main campaign: players will have their unique Origin Quests to fulfill and their background and personality will change NPCs’ reactions and create new dialog options and quest opportunities.

Origin stories are closely tied with the main narrative of the game. Even if the player doesn’t pick up a certain origin story, that character will still exist in the game world as an NPC you can recruit to your party.

If you don’t recruit a certain origin story character, you will still see their story unfolding throughout the main campaign.

Depending on who they are, different party members will have different dialogs with the inhabitants of Rivellon. Selecting who does the talking has a big impact on how the story evolves.

In co-op mode, players with different origin stories will frequently have mutually exclusive, conflicting goals, determined by Origin Quests. If they want to advance their own personal quests, they will have to compete or co-operate.

Origin Stories Available in Early Access

Ifan ben-Mezd, Human

Nobody leaves the Lone Wolves… You are the peerless assassin Ifan ben-Mezd. You tried to escape the infamous outlaw gang, but your freedom was won at a terrible cost: your ex-comrades found you and slaughtered your family in revenge. Now, languishing in the Sourcerer's ghetto of Fort Joy and addicted to drudanae, you scheme escape again. But this time, you travel a path marked vengeance...

Lohse, Human

You were never normal: your body and mind were a playground for demons, and you wished for death until the Divine himself drove them out. You had peace at last, and you were devoted to your savior... until his death left you again susceptible to demonic horrors. Now, some hin is growing deep within. You're losing time to it; you're losing consciousness. If you can't free yourself soon, you may be lost for good.

The Red Prince, Lizard

You were 'The Spouse of the Sun', a red-skinned conjurer of fire, and a beloved prince. But then your family betrayed you, accused you of crimes you didn’t commit. Exiled, you're desperate to clear your name and tame the raging fires within. The world is hostile; its inhabitants inferior, but no one can stop your march to vindication and the reclamation of your throne.

Sebille Kaleran, Elf

You’re an elven femme fatale, emphasis on 'fatale'. Spy, assassin: these are your trades. Not because you wanted them, but because they were forced upon you. Slave to a lizard master who controlled you with a living scar, you lived a life no elf should live - until you cut out your master's tongue, then burned him. Now you're free, but you bear your scar still. You have sworn to free all those who bear the same.

We plan to add more origin stories as the development of the game continues during Early Access.



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