HotFix v3.0.77.309 - Hot off the presses

We noticed a couple things that slipped through the net when releasing our latest patch. Since they were easy to fix and won’t affect your savegames, we didn’t want to delay these fixes until the next patch. So behold, a hotfix!

  • Fixed Tutorial Treasure
  • Fixed outlines of characters after they were transformed to any other state
  • Fixed equipment being invisible for characters that were out of sight
  • Fixed armor potions and statuses like Fortified and Magic Shell giving less armor than they should
  • Fixed several issues in new character creation screen:
    • Fixed tags not showing up for the first custom character
    • Fixed issue with talents resetting when changing a civil ability
    • Fixed issue with portrait renderer not removing the helmets
    • Fixed issue with talent requirements appearing in red even though the character had the ability
    • Fixed issue with stats not properly resetting when reconnecting to character creation
    • Fixed a possible crash in character creation when going back to main menu

Savegames are compatible with v3.0.76.796.


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