The Advent Calendar is Coming!

Welcome to Larian's festive giveaway! From the 1st to the 25th of December we'll be running our own little advent calendar... Kinda. This is no simple "click to open the door and get a prize" advent calendar. Have you seen our games? We'd never make it that easy!

We've searched through our vaults and found a "living picture", which will progress a little more every day. And every day (starting tomorrow) a different three digit number will sneak into the shot. All you have to do is find the number hiding somewhere in the image and enter it as a password to unlock exclusive Divinity: Original Sin 2 digital swag!

We'll have new goodies for you every day until the 25th December, but each download is only available for 24 hours. Once we hit midnight (Pacific Time) that day's reward is gone forever!

Of course, it's not all digital fun. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter where, on random days, we'll be giving out hardware prizes from our friends at ROCCAT too!

We'll see you tomorrow, when the first number will sneak into the picture and the first giveaway will kick off.


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