Kickstarter Update #35 - Tentacle Hands, Chicken Fingers and More!

Welcome to Kickstarter Update #35!

We have some great news for you: We’re launching a major patch to Early Access (which is available now on Steam and GOG) today! Praise the Divine! Swen has more information about our latest additions and, in an effort to help explain the new concepts, has invented an entirely new technique for sharing the changes. We’re calling it: Cooking with Sourcery. By we I mean just two of us in the office.

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The Advent Calendar is Coming!

Welcome to Larian's festive giveaway! From the 1st to the 25th of December we'll be running our own little advent calendar... Kinda. This is no simple "click to open the door and get a prize" advent calendar. Have you seen our games? We'd never make it that easy!

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