Turn-based combat is now even better

We've rebalanced our Action Points system. One action point is now often equal to one action, making it easier to plan your actions. But this will make your tactical decisions even more important!

We've added height advantage mechanics. Climb onto a platform to gain damage and range bonuses. But beware! Enemies above you are harder to hit.

More than a hundred new skills and spells! We took the skills and spells of Divinity: Original Sin, picked them apart, and created an entirely new set of systems for Divinity: Original Sin 2. You’ll discover magic never before seen in the world of Divinity.

New, powerful Source skills. You are a Sourcerer, a wielder of forbidden forms of magic. And there is a reason they are forbidden - Source spells are among the most dangerous in the game.

Challenge your friends in PvP Mode. Experience signature turn-based combat in bite-sized arena battles with PvP matchmaking.

Two difficulty levels are available in Early Access: Classic Mode for a signature Divinity experience, and Explorer Mode for those who are more interested in story than combat. Tactician Mode and Honour Mode, our signature advanced difficulties, will be added at release.

NPC AI behaviours have been improved, with more realistic reactions to players’ actions - particularly when it comes to theft, vandalism and murder. There is now a tension indicator with 3 levels: high, medium and low. Guards and NPCs will react differently depending on the level of tension in the area (a heavily guarded prison will have high tension, a peaceful forest low tension). If a crime is committed,  expect guards to pop up and investigate.

Physical and magic armor have been added to the game to create better pacing and tension in combat, and to add an extra element of strategy. First of all, before you can decrease an enemy’s vitality, you will have to break through or pierce their armor. More importantly, as long as you have physical armor you cannot be affected by physical statuses (Knocked Down, Poisoned, Crippled, Bleeding, etc.). And as long as you have magic armor, a spellcaster cannot successfully set magical statuses on you (Slowed, Muted, Frozen, Burning, etc.).


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