What is the Hall of Echoes?

There are many stories about the so-called Hall of Echoes - a place of mystery upon mystery, myth upon legend.

Most imagine the Hall as a sort of afterlife - a place where souls lost to each other in the mortal realm can reunite in death. It is said that these souls may enter into the Forge, where they will be reborn and re-integrated into the world of the living, or into the Void, where they will be lost forever. Whispers of 'Until the Hall' abound at funerals and wakes - a reassurance that the lost are not lost forever.

Skeptics, as they are wont to do, declare this pure fantasy. They insist the Hall is one of two things: A figment of the collective imagination, or simply a misunderstood realm not so unlike our own. But as the scientific and theological debate rages on it seems that the only fact we know for sure is that we have absolutely no idea what the truth is.

Fact or fiction, the Hall of Echoes is the source of great comfort and even greater imagination for the denizens of Rivellon. What truly waits within the Hall? The echoes of loved ones? Undiscovered lands? Whatever your view - believer or skeptic - we’re all going to find out someday...



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