Game Master Mode

Tell your stories, your way

Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Game Master Mode bridges the gap between the improvisation of a tabletop role-playing session and the immersion of a computer RPG. Easy to use, powerful and flexible. We’ve created a system that has one goal in mind; empower the Game Master so that they can tell great stories and lead up to four players through a world of their own imagination.

Flexibility can be the hallmark of a great game master and a limitation on most video games. With this tool, you can adapt on the fly and make your world truly reactive. Do your players want to burn down an NPC’s home? Make a pact with, rather than kill the demonic boss? Perhaps they want to parlay with the pack of rabid wolves using pet pal? Even if you haven’t planned for it, adapt quickly and efficiently and give them a story that feels authentically reactive.

Whether you are a newcomer to tabletop roleplaying or an experienced game master, the mode is easy to pick up and intuitive to use. Use one of our pre-built campaigns to jump straight into the action or create your own. With the help of over 100 pre-made maps, the powerful Vignette System and the Divinity: Original Sin 2’s award winning combat, design and play in stories of your own creation.

create your world

Select one of our various world maps or upload one of your own! 

add locations. LOTS of locations.

Choose one of over 100+ pre-made locations or create your own in our powerful Divinity Engine Editor.


Tweak the atmosphere, ambience, music, time of day, weather and more to fine-tune the level to your story!

Create memorable encounters

Unleash the bestiary with hundreds of monsters and characters from the Divinity universe or download player-made characters and enemies from Steam Workshop. Give characters unique skills and name them. Cover the landscape in any of our elemental surfaces using our Surface Painter. Make the fight worthwhile by creating a unique piece item for the players to loot.


Make the world come alive and directly control any enemy or NPC by possessing them. Walk around with the players as you role play an NPC giving them vital information, or journey with them as a mercenary bodyguard. Control enemy NPC's in combat and give the players a challenging experience in combat. 


Add NPC dialogue, narration, and present difficult choices with our powerful Vignette System. Add your own graphics and even additional dialog options on the fly! Managing different dialogs and encounters is now as simple as creating a presentation.


We brought in the essential component of every tabletop session: skill checks. Let your players roll the dice to see whether they succeed or fail!

Play with friends & Share

Tell your story in real-time, no rulebooks needed. Possess creatures, level up the party, create new locations, encounters and items on the fly. Tell your stories, your way - and share them with the world using Steam Workshop

Divinity: Original Sin 2's Game Master Mode will be available at the game's release, later in 2017.


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