A Brief History of Fort JOY


When we first meet our heroes, they've been sent to the notorious prison isle of Fort Joy, where the Divine Order has been interring Sourcerers 'for their own protection'.

But Bishop Alexandar and his right hand, Dallis, chose Fort Joy for a reason.

Long before collared and powerless Sourcerers roamed its courtyards, Fort Joy was the base of research for the most notorious Sourcerer of them all: Braccus Rex.

Upon this isle of horrors, Braccus researched magics ancient and unseen and harnessed them into devices he could use to dominate the powerful Sourcerers who defied him.

He made staves that could purge the Source from the powerful - and kill the powerless. Leashes that could utterly dominate those he collared. Orbs and jars that could house a person's very Source, chaining them to the location they were caught.

Many years after its master was thwarted, Fort Joy proved a valuable location to the Divine Order. Its well-protected swamps contained remnants of those powerful weapons Braccus Rex once designed, and its remote location made it perfect to quarantine an untrustworthy population.

There, among the crumbling remnants of Braccus Rex's former stronghold, Sourcerers wait, collared and powerless, for their turn to be called into the fort. Only the most powerful among the Divine Order knows what fate awaits them.




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