A Brief History of the Divine Order


In the mists of time...

After becoming the Divine, Lucian defeated the Black Ring, a cabal of dark wizards intent on the chaotic end of the world. In response, the Black Ring incarnated the Lord of Chaos as a human child. Lucian had a chance to end the war forever, but he couldn't bring himself to kill a child: he opted to raise him as his son. He called him Damian.

The foundation of a global power...

To ensure that the weakened Black Ring and other agents of the Void never again regained ascendancy, Lucian founded the Divine Order. The Divine Order was a military order dedicated to enforcing the ideals of the Divine, and soon became the ruling power across much of Rivellon. The Order’s main goal was clear: to combat the Void, in whatever form it took.

When the Void did return, it did so with a vengeance. Damian, Lucian's adoptive son, led a Black Ring army against the Divine Order in a war that engulfed all of Rivellon. A war that neither Lucian nor Damian survived.

A dangerous balance...

Leadership of the Order naturally passed to Bishop Alexandar: a dynamic but authoritarian leader, and Lucian's only son by blood. But ever since Lucian died, Voidwoken have been appearing wherever Source magic is used, terrorising the populace. With no other way to slow the increasing numbers of Voidwoken, the Divine Order forbade the use of all Source magic, leading to a deep rift in society.

Order reborn

Of recent, Sourcerers have been rounded up and interned into camps, where they are collared with devices that disallow the use of Source. This is done for their own safety (and the safety of everyone around them). Even Alexandar chose to collar himself, rather than let the darkness of his Source corrupt him.

While some Sourcerers have yielded of their own free will, many more were snatched away and collared.



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