You spoke, and we listened. We know you want to see Divinity: Original Sin II on other platforms in addition to PC (where you can play it right now on Early Access!), and Larian is a studio that truly cares about what our fans think.


That’s why we’re taking the obvious route, and porting the game to the incredibly popular Commodore 64, which has sold around 17 million units! The port will come with the following extra features:

  • Full Joystick Support

  • 674 Free Floppy Disks Per Purchase

  • Crisp, 8-Bit Gameplay

  • Import Possibility For Savegames - For Easy Transfer to the Superior Machine

We’re so excited to bring the game we all know and love to its new home. Thank you again for your support, and we can’t wait to hear what you think about playing this game the way it was always intended.



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