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Choice & Consequences

If you don't want to choose an origin story, you still have full control over your character and how you want to approach the world. There are limitless combinations of spells and skills you can learn and multiple characters to recruit throughout the game. 

Our new tag system unlocks dialog options and NPC reactions: your gender, race, profession and origin story will determine which tags your character has and how the world reacts to you. You will be able to acquire tags and lose them, depending on the choices you make and your achievements. If you don’t pick an origin story, you can choose extra tags to give your character a unique personality during quests and dialogs.

Again, the character development system is classless. Players can select different presets during character creation but can fully customize stats, abilities, talents, and skills. During the game, you can freely decide how to further develop your character.

Individual Sound

We’re also introducing a new dynamic music system, which allows you to choose your character’s instrument. Players’ instruments will take the lead in the soundtrack, particularly during combat and important story moments and decisions.



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